Deciding On Various Garage Doors

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Deciding On Various Garage Doors

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Six Things You Can Do To Make Your Garage Door Safer

Homeowners shouldn't underestimate the potential dangers created by a garage door that hasn't been properly maintained.

Garage doors include parts like springs and cables that are kept at very high levels of tension. It's important to take safety precautions when it comes to your garage door to prevent injury caused by these high tension parts.

The following are six things you can do to make your garage door safer and keep it in better condition generally:

Apply lubricant to springs that are noisy

Springs that are not adequately lubricated will experience premature wear and tear. This can cause them to weaken over time.

If the springs are squeaking when your garage door is being opened and closed, you should have them lubricated. This will both improve the condition of your garage door and also stop those irritating squeaking noises. 

Have tamper-resistant brackets installed

Your garage door should have bottom brackets that connect the door itself to the springs. In recent years, manufacturers have begun offering tamper-resistant brackets that offer added safety because they can't become loosened unintentionally.

If you're having a garage door replaced, you should definitely opt for a new door that includes tamper-resistant brackets to maximize safety. 

Make sure you replace your track when you have a garage door replaced

Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of keeping the same track with a new garage door. However, it's important to understand that an old track might not fit a new garage door correctly. This could make the garage door assembly somewhat unstable.

It's always best to replace the track at the same time you replace your garage door to ensure complete compatibility. 

Have a working safety reverse feature

The safety reverse function of a garage door will cause the garage door to automatically open up again after the door starts coming down if an obstacle is detected in the door's pathway.

This feature is essential for preventing injuries. You should not only have a safety reverse feature, but you should also periodically verify that the feature is still working properly. 

Have springs that have been in place a long time replaced

Probably the most potentially dangerous part of any garage door is the springs. Springs will inevitably wear out over time regardless of how well you maintain them. All springs should be replaced at the same time rather than replacing individual springs.

Schedule periodic inspections with a technician

You should get in the habit of having inspections performed on your garage door every year or so. A technician from a garage door service can make sure that all of your door parts are still operating properly and address any issues before they create safety risks.