Deciding On Various Garage Doors

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Deciding On Various Garage Doors

Do you remember when the last time was that you really evaluated the health and appearance of your garage doors? Although most people don't think too much about it, being able to look into garage doors and know what to choose can help you to shape the exterior of your home. I started focusing on my garage doors months ago, and it was clear that there were some problems that needed to be resolved by a professional. After they came out and helped us, the garage doors looked incredible, and I knew we had built more value into our home. Check out this blog for more tips.


Tips For Replacing A Garage Door Panel

The task of repairing a garage door may seem a bit tricky to you, so you may be thinking of leaving it to the professionals rather than attempting it yourself. It is understandable that you don't want to run the risk of causing damage to the motor or more damage to the door itself. Thankfully, some repairs are easier than others. A damaged garage door panel is something you could fix on your own. Following these tips should help you with your DIY garage door repair.

Inspect The Panels

Start off by figuring out how badly the garage door panels are damaged. If it appears to be just the panel itself that needs repair, know that you are able to replace individual panels with with ease. Unfortunately, a garage door with a damaged or bent frame is something that is much harder to fix on your own.

You can give the garage door a visual inspection to determine where the door is damaged. If the frame seems to be cracked or bent, know that this is a job to have a professional do for you. If it's just the panel that is damaged, you can likely replace it without professional help.

Order The New Panels

Be aware that most garage doors have panels that are a generic size, and you can put practically any kind of panel into the door. All you need to do is make sure that the motor of capable of lifting the weight of the door, so you'll want to pick a panel made out of similar material as the one you are replacing. You can also reach out to the manufacturer and purchase an official part that will be sure to match the size and weight of the panel you are replacing.

Remove The Panel

Since garage doors are modular, it should be easy to remove individual panels. It will involve removing all mounting bolts located inside your garage, which will allow the panel to be popped off. Have someone help you with this job, since one person needs to hold the panel while the other removes the bolts.

Install The New Panel

Placing the new panel on the door is as easy as it was to take the old panel off, just in reverse. Use a helper to place the panel on the frame while you secure it in place with the bolts.

If you don't feel confident in doing this task on your own, reach out to a garage door service company in your area.